Illegal aliens are the new “protected class” just like transgenders… any criticism of either group gets you de-platformed by fascist tech giants

Discussing the illegal nature of people who enter the United States without permission is an apparent trigger point for Twitter, which is now actively de-platforming groups like the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) simply for mentioning the topic on the social media platform.

According to The Daily Caller, CIS was unable to promote tweets on its page that contained video footage of alien trespassers crossing the southwest border with Mexico because Twitter decided that the content was “hateful.”

The footage in question was captured by The Daily Caller, showing hordes of illegal aliens pouring across the United States-Mexico border without obstruction. The tweet containing this footage explained how it depicts precisely why the U.S. is in dire need of an impenetrable border wall at its southern border.

“Twitter just rejected paid promotion of the tweet .. saying: ‘This determination is based on the following Twitter Ads policy: Hateful Content,'” wrote Mark Krikorian, Executive Director for CIS in a follow-up tweet following the first tweet’s removal from Twitter.

“It’s because it contains the phrase ‘illegal alien,’ which @TwitterAdsHelp deems unacceptable,” he added.

Twitter hates federal law and the Supreme Court, both of which use the phrase “illegal alien”

Three other tweets from CIS posted between September 6 – 11 were similarly rejected and removed by Twitter for using words like “illegal,” “alien,” and “criminal” to describe people who illegally enter the U.S. in violation of the law.

Though all of this terminology has long been encapsulated in federal law and Supreme Court precedent, Twitter doesn’t like it because it apparently has a “negative” connotation with regards to human beings, none of whom can possibly be “illegal,” according to the leftist liberals in charge at Twitter.

“Twitter is not allowing us to promote any tweets including the phrase ‘illegal alien(s),’ citing it as Hateful Content,” CIS has stated. “However, the phrase ‘illegal aliens’ has been used in both federal law and by the Supreme Court.”

Twitter refuses to comment on subjective “Hateful Content” censorship policy

When questioned about why simple ads demonstrating the illegality of people who don’t belong in America rushing across the border are considered “Hateful Content,” while actual hateful content calling for innocent men to have their lives completely ruined in order to take down the “patriarchy” is fully allowed, Twitter had this to say:

“We don’t have a comment. For background, our ads policies are enforced dispassionately and are detailed here for all advertisers.”

Upon perusing the link provided by Twitter, Natural News discovered that Twitter doesn’t in any way accurately or fairly enforce its “Hateful Content” guidelines. It clearly states at the link provided above that “hate speech,” as defined by Twitter, includes disparaging content against “gender identity,” which would include men being disparaged by angry feminists.

But angry feminist content is all over Twitter and, as far as we know, has never once been removed. Meanwhile, factual information about illegal activity taking place on American soil is being pulled left and right by Twitter for allegedly being “hateful.”

At the same time, Twitter and others are colluding with one another to manipulate and steal American elections on top of all this censorship, which is why Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is calling on the heads of all these companies to be arrested and charged with racketeering and fraud for their crimes against America.

“Google is a serious threat to democracy,” wrote Adams about another major tech giant that’s selectively censoring content in defiance of its own stated policies and guidelines.

“Just like the other tech giants, Google declares anything it doesn’t like to be either ‘fake news’ or ‘Russian propaganda.'”

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